For us travelling is all about experiences. It is about feeling emotions and creating memories that extend far beyond your return. We believe that happiness lies in small things and our goal is to help you discover the original beauty of the island, which will steal your heart and make you come back for more.


Eleni Tagara


Eleni was born in the winemaking town of Naoussa, in Macedonia Northern Greece. She has studied History at the Ionian University of Corfu and is a certified Sommelier. She moved to Santorini in 2015 and immediately fell in love with the deep blue sea, the astonishing and wild territory and the powerful energy of the island. Living by the sea and learning about different cultures through dusty librarian books, making friends with locals, discovering traditional cuisines and exploring the world is what makes her happy. There are small chances that you will not see a cat around her at all times, but be sure of this: she has a key to unlock all the hidden treasures of the island – and she is eager to share them with you.

Thomas Palantzidis


Travelling is Thomas’ way of life. He loves exploring other cultures and getting to know them from the inside; like a local. This is exactly how he wants his guests to experience his own place. Other than Greece, he has lived, studied and worked in Italy, Germany and the U.K. He enjoys hiking and dancing, while good food and wine are undoubtedly his biggest passions. In Santorini he has found them all. Being an experienced structural engineer, specialized in the environmental design of buildings, he has actually contributed his best in the making process of wine, by having participated in the design and construction of three major greek wineries, one of which in Santorini. Come and join him, to feel Santorini!

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