Spring break in Santorini

After a long and cold winter, spring has made a colourful entrance and everyone can feel the change in the air! Almond-tree blossoms are for greeks the ultimate sign of Spring’s arrival The locals swap their winter jackets for their bicycles. The sidewalks bustle a bit more. People are extra smiley. Tourists take photos in their […]

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Things to do in Santorini

Tourism in Santorini is not only based in the model sea and sun. The special geological formations, the fantastic view to the caldera, archaeological treasures, such as Akrotiri, the villages with the special architecture, the unique gastronomy and world-famous wine are few factors that can keep attracting visitors to the island all year round.   […]

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The custom of “Kleethonas” in Santorini

In the Christian tradition, the 24th of June is the day of Birth of St. John the Baptist. In Greece, the celebration of this day was connected over the centuries with 2 particular customs; the so-called “kleethonas” (<gr. «κλήδονας»>) and the jumping over open fires that are lit in the countryside. They both survive from […]

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Feel Santorini

Eleni was actually supposed to write this first post in our blog but she says she has no time (partially true) and no inspiration (what is this?). Usually she writes and I correct her. It seems that this time it’s going to be the other way round…! So, here I am trying to express with […]

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