Feel Santorini

Eleni was actually supposed to write this first post in our blog but she says she has no time (partially true) and no inspiration (what is this?). Usually she writes and I correct her. It seems that this time it’s going to be the other way round…!

So, here I am trying to express with a few words what feelsantorini.com really is and, to put it right, what’s in our hearts and minds and wants to be revealed through feelsantorini.com.

It feels like the intention has always been there, in the back of my head, in the bottom of my heart. I don’t know how most of the people think and act, but, personally speaking, I have always felt the need and joy of inviting my friends and acquaintances to “my place”. “My place” would every time be my house, my neighbourhood, my city, my country etc… I have always wanted them to visit me so I could have the chance to share with them what I liked the most about “my place”. And once this happened, I would do my best to make them feel at home and get them to know “my place” like a local by getting the real taste of it. This includes of course seeing the sights, but above all it is about meeting and talking to people, learning about their lives, customs and habits and eating and drinking the local delicacies, something that is not only a pleasure for the stomach but also a reflection of that place’s, my place’s culture.

Since the end of 2014 “my place”, our place, is Santorini. We are not really locals and we will not pretend to be. But we fell in love on first sight with this breath-taking island. And we wandered a lot in order to make it ours. To discover all its hidden and unhidden treasures. To find our shelter when the island sinks under the weight of its millions of visitors. To taste its delicious foods and enjoy its magnificent wines. To feel the volcano’s vibes…

We still don’t know everything, that’s true. We are still exploring and learning. Neither of us is a tourism professional. But we love what we do and do it with high professionalism and great love. On this track we are lucky to have the valuable fellowship of the TRIGIRO team. And we want you to join us in this beautiful journey. To show you what we like the most on this amazing complex of islands, to discover what is yet to be discovered and enjoy together a unique travel experience.

Come and be our guests. Come to feelsantorini!


Thomas Palantzidis