Snow on Santorini – When Paradise froze over

“Will you go out with him?”
“When Hell freezes over!!”
“When do you think we will get a raise?”
“When Hell freezes over..”


Well I don’t know about Hell but, friends, it is official! Paradise just froze over!

Winter came to our magic sunshine island and pure white snow covered the volcanic black rocks of Santorini.


View over Santorini’s volcanic slopes


The frost wave by the name “Ariadne” has arrived in Greece and for the first time after many years we experience actual cold and winter weather.


Hatzidakis winery and Pyrgos on the back




FeelSantorini’s Beast, happy at its natural habitant


As much as it may feel unnatural to have snow on places where there is live volcanic action, it sure doesn’t look like it at all and Santorini looks as she was meant to be dressed in white!

All these soft white curves and the unique architecture of the island seem to blend excellent with this natural decoration, giving us some moments to remember.


Blue and white


Typical cycladic church


So, wear your warm clothes (hope you brought some), grab your camera and go capture this magical views while they last!


Kouloura vineyard covered in snow


Road to Pyrgos. Schools today remained closed due to frost



Kouloura vine and Mt Profitis Ilias on the background, all dressed in white



Beautiful shots from greek landscapes during the “Ariadne” frost wave, as they appeared in our newsfeed

Greece is beautiful!!


Seli, Veria. Photo by Virginia Karafoussia


Skopelos, snow facing the corruptive power of the sea. Photo by Martin Beckett


Vigla, Florina. Fairytale shot by Natassa Tzotzi


Aliakmonas river as seen from Servia Kozani. Shot by Stelios Androulidakis


Acropolis, Athens. Photo from   (… wow!!!!)


Greetings to all from snowy Santorini!

Stay warm!

Eleni & Thomas