The custom of “Kleethonas” in Santorini

In the Christian tradition, the 24th of June is the day of Birth of St. John the Baptist. In Greece, the celebration of this day was connected over the centuries with 2 particular customs; the so-called “kleethonas” (<gr. «κλήδονας»>) and the jumping over open fires that are lit in the countryside. They both survive from antiquity and were originally related to the summer solstice as part of the celebrations of the farmers for a good crop.

“Kleethonas” in particular is a kind of folk divination, according to which, the identity of their future husband is revealed to the unmarried girls…

Thanks to the Cultural Association of Megalochori, “Metochi”, all this was revived yesterday evening at the central square of the picturesque village in Santorini.

Traditional music and dances, “mandinathes” (rhyming couplets), refreshing white wine of Santorini, delicious “tiropitakia” (small cheese pies), mouth-watering “lukumades” (local donuts) and a lot of cheer among the locals and visitors who attended, made this exceptional evening unforgettable.

We were there with our friends and guests and we want to share with you a touch of this unique experience!

Ke tu chronu! (*till next year!)

Xx Eleni