Things to do in Santorini

Tourism in Santorini is not only based in the model sea and sun. The special geological formations, the fantastic view to the caldera, archaeological treasures, such as Akrotiri, the villages with the special architecture, the unique gastronomy and world-famous wine are few factors that can keep attracting visitors to the island all year round.


Ancient treasures 

Santorini is an island of rich history, dating back to the prehistoric ages, formed and shaped by a fierce volcanic action in the heart of the ancient world. The legendary people of Akrotiri (which is said to be the inspiration of the Atlantis myth), Spartians, medieval lords and cruel pirates, they all left their mark on this tiny island and you can relive the history by visiting the archaeological sites and museums, which stay open all year round.


Akrotiri Excavations Site

Town of Ancient Thira

Skaros Rock

Pyrgos Village

(and their treasures…)

Museum of Prehistoric Thera, Fira

Santozeum, Fira

Ancient Thera Museum, Fira

!!!Remember to check beforehand for opening hours!!!


Santorini island is unique as it is probably the only volcano in the world with its caldera in the sea. Twelve huge explosions have occurred, one every 20000 years, and it is still active on present day. It is clear that, as professor of Geology Michalis Fytikas has put it, “a huge geological – volcanological museum has been created in Santorini, ideal for observing the structural formation and development of a classic volcano, easy to explore and providing an alluring invitation to the world of volcanology. It offers for free a colored, three dimensional open “window” which is accessible not only to specialists but to all visitors of the island.”

Apart from that, a trip to the volcano Nea Kammeni during summer can turn into a rather hot -but not in a good way- experience. Large groups of tourists under the hot sun on an active volcano is one of the things that you can skip by visiting on slow months, when you can enjoy a quiet hike or even finding some red flowers on that black volcanic soil.

Traditional architecture 

Architecture on the island of Santorini is defined by the volcanic character of the landscape. From prehistoric Akrotiri to the amazing “yposkafa”, the cave houses embedded into the Caldera, the architecture has been fully adapted to the particular conditions on the island and has catered to the needs of its people around the ages.

Most picturesque traditional villages to visit :










Cherry tomatoes, wild cappers, delicious golden fava and sweet white eggplant are the stars of Santorini’s cuisine. Many traditional tavernas stay open during winter to care for the locals and, if you like high-end gastronomy, there are restaurants that prepare more sophisticated dishes. No matter what you choose, mediteranean cuisine with olive oil, fresh fish and vegetables will definitely not disappoint you. To complete the experience, take a wine tour or visit one of the wineries that stay open year-round, and taste the unique delicious and high quality wines from Santorini, including the white dry Assyrtiko and the sweet desert wine Vinsanto.

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Hiking trails

It is said that to really get to know a place you must walk it. On a small island like Santorini, this is actually possible and you can walk it from edge to edge using the signed hiking routes. The views along the way are spectacular. The always present deep blue sea streaching all the way to the horizon and the breathtaking Caldera will make this a unique experience. Especially from February until May, the island, due to rainfalls, is full of beautiful flowers.

Our favorite hiking trails

Fira – Oia

Mesa Gonia – Pyrgos – Exo gonia

Kamari – Ancient Thira – Perissa

Nea Kammeni (volcano) – hot springs



Winter events (panigiria)

Since the old times, local people gather and celebrate to honor their Orthodox Saints. These festivals are a unique opportunity to experience greek folk culture, taste original home made food and dance to traditional violins and island songs.



Santorini is one the most romantic destinations in the world. But a key element to romance is privacy, which is often a struggle during the busy high season. Spring is the ideal time for couples who want to enjoy pleasant walks in the narrow streets of the villages, golden sunsets without thousands of clicking cameras and nice quiet candlelit dinners.

Best sunset spots

Oia village

Akrotiri Lighthouse

Megalochori (heart-shaped rock)



You have seen many awe-inspiring photos of Santorini’s sunset and you can’t wait to grab your camera and capture it! Well, you should know that most of them are shot during winter months, when the light is not so harsh and the air is clear, without that blurring humidity of summer. If you want to be shot in your nice summer dress with beautiful blue domes in the background, but without any curious faces and cameras in your shot, then you should really consider visiting on low season, even if that means taking some extra warm clothes with you.


Views and sightseeing 

Santorini is always spectacular. The natural environment is the strong element that draws people from all over the world. Red and black cliffs, deep blue sea, whitewashed houses and blue dome churches, black and red beaches, this is what you expect to see and they don’t disappoint you.

As you can see, no matter how comfortable and luxurious your hotel is, Santorini has many treasures for you to explore!

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